Shape 2 Fit
The Wimbledon TV and Film Studios
1 Deer Park Road
SW19 3TL

Shape 2 fit was originally set up and continues to be developed by Lauren Pearson, Sports therapist, personal trainer and sports coach, in 2009. In the past five years, the company has seen rapid growth by providing sport and health care facilities to everybody at every age. The Shape 2 fit sports therapy clinic in Wimbledon focuses on every customer to emphasis complete all round well being from start to finish. Shape 2 fit aims to achieve your goals by using a whole host of equipment including cables, keetlebells, cardio and resistance bands. We rely heavily on functional training, making the body train and develop in muscle groups, instead of isolating individual muscles. We look at your everyday activities and mimic the movements to sure you are progressing the correct muscles that help you live your life.

The company teams this specifically designed equipment, with our highly qualified and insured staff and an environment that suits you to achieve your results. Whether you decide to take a group class or have one to one training you can be sure that we will be able to get you to achieve your goals. Losing weight, toning up, sport specific skills and general health and fitness are all great reasons to join us and be treated like an individual and not a number.

Find us just ten minutes outside of Wimbledon town centre, in the Wimbledon Studios, with the 93 bus stop, underground and tram stops a mere five minutes away. There is plenty of parking on the streets surrounding the studios. The clinic plays host to all of your needs, with not only all of the latest gym equipment but also changing facilities, toilets and showers.

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