Punch in the Park
Holland Park
Greater London

Punch in the Park is a revolutionary new way to get fit and learn to box in the great outdoors! No more expensive gym fees or boring treadmills! Punch in the Park combines real boxing with high intensity all over body conditioning, making it the ideal way to lose weight and have fun while doing so!

At Punch in the Park we believe that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to make your exercise routine fun and enjoyable! Our workouts are energetic and fun! You will learn real boxing techniques and burn maximum calories in a small group environment with enthusiastic and motivating instructors! Numbers are kept low to allow individual attention allowing the benefits of personal training and also the motivation of group training. All Classes are suitable for beginners and anyone new to exercise. You work at your own pace although we will push you to get maximum results!

Punch in the Park teaches real boxing technique including punches, footwork and defence. All our instructors are experienced in boxing as well as being fully qualified personal trainers. All classes are taught in a friendly non-aggressive manner. We hope that you will not only achieve your fitness and weight loss goals at Punch in the Park but also build self confidence and make new friends!

We also offer one to one personal training either in your own home or in your local park. Or if you have a group of friends interested, get in touch and we can offer private group classes too!

Holland Park Bootcamp! Bootcamp classes every Mon, Wed and Fri at 12pm. Class is 45 minute all over body workout, utilising bootcamp drills, circuit training and boxing padwork and drills. Fun and lively classes taught by female Instructor. Please call to book as times can sometimes vary!


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