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I had never used a power plate before and the therapist took the time to explain the usage and benefits of it. The location was excellent and during the day was quiet so did not feel self conscious at all. I would recommend this centre to others and hope to return soon,
6 years ago
I got a free trial session for myself and my boyfriend as I had done power plates at other places and wanted to keep doing it for as cheap as possible all around London. This place is a little difficult to find as it's in a shopping centre, but I arrived early and didn't really feel very welcome as I was a bit in the way - they don't have a separate waiting area so I was just sitting in the corner of the gym. Anyway when my boyfriend arrived we were able to start half an hour early as the trainer didn't have anyone else booked in for that slot. Although they have 4 power plate machines only the two of us were doing it so it was really personal training. The trainer was a little unfriendly and aloof but she was very good at showing us what to do and giving my boyfriend an alternative because he injured his shoulder. I would recommend it because it's small and personal and not intimidating at all.
7 years ago
To be honest, a powerplate workout was something different from what I had expected. I thought the vibrating plate would challenge stability during a workout, but it appears to be similar to those muscle-stimulating devices (with electronic stim pads) which gives an overall vibration to the body. I must say, that Brian - instructor at the Powertone studio in Chelsea - was very professional and friendly and had devised an overall good and diverse workout. However, I am not sure if I would be back as I developed a headache after the trial session. Otherwise, if you are familiar with the power plate workout and know it is for you, I would highly recommend Brian at the Chelsea studio. Very professional and efficient at bookings/communication too!
7 years ago
Hadn't tried powerplate before so had a free trial session at powertone studios and loved it. The instructor was good - pushing each person to their own individual limits and the session was well balanced with different strength exercises. Apparently a 25-min powerplate session is the equivalent of 2 hrs in the gym and if that's true, then it's good value for money! I didn't ache the next day but that could well have been the high-intensity massage we had at the end of the session.
7 years ago
Very good training and explanation of the powerplate. The initial trial was very good, felt toned and healthier. Would recommend it highly.
7 years ago


Powertone Studios in Chelsea
1st Floor
Kings Walk Mall
122 Kings Road

Powertone Studios, based in Chelsea, is a revolutionary new concept in health and fitness training, where you can loose weight, improve your fitness levels and tone up.

The studio is home to state-of-the-art fitness technology from around the world, which works together to deliver natural, effective results – fast. The studio specializes in Power Plate training, the fitness craze favoured by celebrities such as Madonna and Kylie, and is the only health and fitness studio in the UK to offer the innovative Powertone Narl and Ionised Air machines.

When used together with the Power Plate, this cutting-edge technology is proven to deliver the ultimate natural body makeover. After just 12 weeks real changes in body shape and tone can be seen no matter what the fitness level.

Enjoy a Power Plate workout as part of a class, or choose to train personally with one of Powertone’s experienced, professional coaches. For those who prefer to workout in private, personal trainers are also available for home coaching sessions. Powertone Studios is suitable for all ages and abilities and those recovering from injury. No special clothes or equipment are needed and a workout can easily be squeezed in between meetings or shopping trips to the city.

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