PF2 Health Club Malvern
Townsend Way
West Midlands
WR14 1PY

pf2 Health Clubs and Chessgrove Day Spa all form part of the Planetfitness Group. Within Planetfitness we believe in a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. With such busy lives it is crucial we spend regular time on ourselves and invest in our future. pf2 has evolved to cater for the requirements of the community, ensuring health and fitness is a way of life.

It is a fact that the government many years ago would not advertise that exercise was beneficial to weight loss, but now both the government and the health & fitness industry recognise the enormous value of the 'GYM' or 'HEALTH CLUB' to assist in our battle with weight control, heart condition and coping with the 'stress' of today's world.

pf2 is not just a place for fitness fanatics, for the majority of members, fitness is a means to an end; a way of feeling better about themselves, managing their weight or maintaining a level of fitness for a particular sport. The fact is that people who participate in exercise cope better with the physical and emotional demands of everyday living.

We continuously strive to achieve our key values:

   * To exceed our 'members' expectations'
   * Provide the best service possible to all members
   * Assist all members in achieving their short and long term fitness goals
   * To uphold the cleanliness of the club
   * To be proactive in the maintenance of all equipment
   * To ensure all health and safety procedures are adhered to by members, staff and outside contractors
   * To develop and train each member of staff in order to achieve continuous development and job satisfaction

Richard Noble, Planetfitness

Richard Noble, Planetfitness


A word from our Managing Director....

"Having been involved in leisure for my whole career, I have developed a real passion for this industry to create opportunity within local communities for people to exercise, socialise and reach a better quality of life is an exciting prospect.

If you require any more information on pf2 Health Clubs or Chessgrove Day Spa please do not hesitate to contact me or speak to a member of the team."

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