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I first came at Karuna`s course without knowing what to expect, as a complete beginner into meditation and his complete guide into mindfulness and meditation was a life changer for me. I did experience some emotional problems in the past 4 years and I can see now how the problems are fading away, how my life is changing week by week. Karuna and Nitima are one of the best people to join in this journey about self knowing, calmness,meditation, mindfulness as they know what they`re doing, they`re fully qualified professionals, you can see from the start they love their job, they dedicate their time with passion and awareness. I would definetely recommend this to every people out there, doesn`t matter whether they experience different problems or they just want to improve the quality of their life, the course will be an absolute gain.
4 years ago
Both Karuna and Nitima are patient and willing to take the time to explain the entire process. This is great for beginners and if you do practice outside sessions you will feel the difference. Will definitely carry on and further my journey into mindfulness and acceptance. The tutors definitely make a difference and do all they can to help. I would definitely try this out if you are looking for some peace in your life, or you just want a change.
4 years ago
Karuna Priya provides a very calm, caring and safe environment in which to begin to learn some of the various aspects and practices of mindfulness meditation. He follows up the hour long class with a weekly email and a recording which is really helpful in sustaining a home practice. I have found him to be very flexible and accommodating and always available with advice and guidance. It has been a lovely introduction to mindfulness meditation and I would certainly do another course or day retreat with Karuna in the future
4 years ago


Mindfulness Meditation at Artsdepot
3rd Floor, Dance Space
5 Nether Street
Tally Ho Corner
North Finchley
N12 0GA

''Artsdepot'' is a vibrant and innovative venue for creative activities like meditation setting with excellent services and state of the art facilities. As one of London’s best equipped venues, artsdepot’s space really has the ''wow factor'' and we are very lucky to have our weekly meditation courses running here.

'''Facililator, Karuna Priya (MA) a former Buddhist monk,''' founder of, a Mindfulness meditation & life coach/consultant will be helping you go from states of stress to sustainable peace and contentment.

We run ''6 weeks beginner's course" first and then followed by series of intermeditate levels. We are also able to work ''as a one-to-one class'' or with several students either on site or at the clients chosen location. In addition, we provide one day workshops and retreats throughout the year. You can book a course through wahanda or via telephone ''07784436783'' or email us at ''''.

We are looking forward to seeing you sometime soon and thanks for visiting us.

7:00 PM8:30 PM

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