HYPOXI at Studio South Woodford

24 High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2QL. Part of Hypoxi Studios.
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24 High Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2QL. Part of Hypoxi Studios.

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I heard about Hypoxi whilst on holiday and read some positive feedback about this. I called Hypoxi Sth Woodford and went in for a trial and everything was explained to me right from what to eat and what to do after the sessions. I signed up and did an initial 15 sessions followed up by a further 12 straight afterwords. I am extremely pleased with the results and plan to go back for further sessions. I lost 9kg over 6 a month period and 4 inches from my hips and 4 inches from my waist. What you must realise is that this process definitely works but it does require you to put some effort in yourself so you must eat the right foods and exercise regularly and you will also see great results as well. There is parking on the side streets nearby and the staff there have been helpful and friendly in answering all my queries.
Great for those who don't like gyms and excercise in general. Easy to use equipment, friendly staff and great results after 18 sessions, averaging three times a week. Would sign up for another course and would definitely recommend to a friend. Laura
I first tried Hypoxi in South Woodford after I saw a Groupon for a special offer, but after trying it I'm hooked, and have since bought two 18 session blocks and one 12 session block. I very rarely go to the gym, I haven't got the motivation, but I find Hypoxi, the diet they recommend and a twice weekly run really helps me keep to the size and shape I'm happiest. I personally like the Vacunaut, as I find the suit works best with my body shape, but they let me try the new Technoshape machine for free to see if I preferred not having to be in a whole body suit (its a sort of large belt that specifically targets the fat around your waist), but I quite like it, because every-time I use it I sweat so much I know it must be working. The first month I did it, I lost about 8" around my waist in six sessions, and now with my current regime, I'm happily fluctuating around the 33" waist mark, which is great as it means I can still get into the jeans I bought when I was a skinny youngster. The staff are all really great and supportive, and with plenty of machines available, I am able to make last minute appointments at times convenient for me, which is great when you're freelance, or terrible at keeping a diary. I'm a big fan of Hypoxi South Woodford, I recommend it to my friends, and I plan to keep going as much as possible.
Ok...i feel compelled to write this review. Why ? Because this actually works!!! Just had a baby a few months ago and wanted to lose weight safely and without endless trips to the gym as i feel quite body conscious just having had my baby. Hypoxi has not only worked my target areas but the overall experience has been quite remarkable. The staff are very friendly, the environment clean and fresh including the shower.! Sylwia the owner is lovely, approachable and makes you feel totally relaxed. In my view this is real value for money; ...yummy mummy in the making!
My first visit to the South Woodford Hypoxi studio was in 2009, and had I not for work related issues relocated to Surrey for the past two years, I would have continued being a customer at the Hypoxi studio right up to this day. The first thing I did when returning to reside in East London was to join the SW hypoxi studio. Since 2009 the studio has expanded both in size and number of exercise equipments, and as a returning customer it was a pleasant surprise to see how Sylwia and Steve makes an effort to make the best of the small studio. I can not give enough praise to the Hypoxi and Demologi treatments, as I have achieved results above expectations. I have lost weight, toned around the waist, buttox and thighs, my skin feel smoother, my confidence through the roof, all with just 3 weekly bicycle sessions of 30 min. Also praise to the staff Suzie, Sylwia & Steve, who are all very friendly, welcoming and helpful. The opening hours of the studio are very generous, and I never struggle to get an appointment that fits around my schedule. I'll be seing you all at the SW Hypoxi Studio onwards.
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HYPOXI at Studio South Woodford
24 High Road
South Woodford
E18 2QL

Located in South Woodford, London, HYPOXI at Studio South Woodford is a slimming and cellulite clinic using the revolutionary vacuum technology called Hypoxi®. Visit this salon and meet Sylwia Blackman who is an expert in this new method and weight loss procedures.

For immediate, natural and noticeable results, Hypoxi-Method unquestionably offers a simple and effective way to target reduce and eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite to help boost body confidence. Hypoxi-Method targets the problem zones of the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs through the unique simultaneous activity of vacuum suction and gentle exercise. Suitable for men and ladies alike, these treatments are ideal for those wishing to improve their physique or simply and visibly slim their appearance.


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