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The Receptionist and Shahla were extremely welcoming and explained the treatment in detail. Initially a numbing gel was put on my face prior to going in the treatment room. I was extremely nervous prior to the procedure but Shahla reassured me throughout. Veinwave felt like a faint pinprick on my cheeks - not excruciating but a bit more uncomfortable around my nose. The prominent veins in my cheeks have already diminished!
9 months ago
I work at a desk and I am guilty of slouching over resulting in a rather sore back and shoulders. As Forever Young Clinic is so close to work I thought I would pop over on my lunch break and get those knots sorted! Upon arrival I was seen straight away and led into a beautifully decorated room. It was really calming and there was a very relaxing soundtrack playing. My therapist had a consultation with me first to find out what my problem areas were and then we began. It was incredible and she really worked out the painful spots. It felt so much longer than half an hour and I left feeling like I was walking on clouds. It was so good and such good value that I booked in for another one a week later!
a year ago
RED LIGHT TREATMENT yes yes yes! Let's start from beginning . I'm 30 years old with rosacea prom skin and some pigmentation here and there. I had my first red light treatment and I was shock afterwards . Just after first treatment my skin is glowing like never before. Beautiful healthy glow! I can't wait to see how my skin is going to look like after few more treatments. The procedure is painless, fairy quick, not expensive and funny as Shahla puts Hannibal Lecter like mask on your face :). I would definitely recommend it.
a year ago
I have never had prober eye-browns and am now sooo pleased with my semi permanent ones. Would recommend to everybody! Top marks to Shala and her team!!
Taru Teponoja
2 years ago
I have been to Forever Young on a number of occasions to complete a tear trough procedure. I am so pleased with the results. Sharla was absolutely amazing, so patient, friendly, kind and professional. In the beginning I was concerned about how much the procedure would actually hurt, however I didn't feel any pain just a mild discomfort, I was so very pleased with the initial results and have been back for subsequent tweaks. As was always made clear from the beginning this treatment will need a couple of follow-up appointments to ensure that the finished result is absolutely as you would like it. I had absolute confidence in Sharla and would definitely go back in a year, or whenever necessary, for a repeat of this treatment. I'm just so thrilled with the results. I would also like to say that my visits were so enjoyable that I now feel like returning for other little treatments which have caught my eye! Thank you so much Sharla it has been a pleasure X
Anna Woodbridge
2 years ago
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Forever Young Clinic at Independent Clinic in Marlow Town
11-13 Station Road (First Floor)

Forever Young Clinic is a skin clinic in Buckinghamshire, South East. Forever Young Clinic offers professional beauty and Aesthetic services and specialises in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Injectables treatments.It is a small and friendly yet efficient establishment, run by Shahla, who has been a cosmetic theatre nurse, but for the last 17 years she has managed and directed Forever young since 2003.

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