Eclipse Hairdressing Covent Garden
5 New Row

Set in the heart of Theatre Land, Covent Garden offers far more then some might imagine. It is like a village within the city, with a central square, piazza and walkways, wonderful shops and restaurants, street entertainers and a whole lot more.

At Eclipse we pride ourselves by offering the finest degree of service possible. On joining Eclipse all new stylists and supporting staff are trained in our philosophy to service. When you visit and Eclipse salon your stylist will first and formost give you a consultation covering all aspects of your hair from the condition to porosity, and how this can affect the way that you care for your hair at home.

We can suggest how to enhance your style with the use of colour, help you with product choice for home use, to enable you to only buy products that you actually need rather then waste money on ineffective ones. We use our best endeavors to think like a client, what do you want from your hair ?

What is your lifestyle, do you have time to spend on your hair ? or do you require a very low maintenance styling ?

Whatever your needs you can be assured that we will use our best endeavors to deliver to you total satisfaction, and when you make an appointment with us we offer you an appointment reminder, as part of the service, after all we are here to make your life easier.

Remember "We strive for excellence"

At Eclipse we feel is our duty to give something back.

We are here to help, as our Clients know we strive to be as helpful as possible, what some may not know is that we extend the help to worthy causes, whenever possible, we have been able to help: Leukemia Research, The Stuart low Trust and our currently involved with a hairdressing school for the underprivileged in East Africa.

And hope to be able to do far more in the future, as a Client of Eclipse you help us to help others less fortunate.


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