Cyclone Martial Arts
Cyclone Gym
Hexam Road
NE15 9SR

The Cyclone Gym was set up as a social enterprise in Walbottle, Newcastle in December 2009 after several years of the principal instructor Alex Wright running a martial arts club (cyclone wing chun) as a hobby out of community centres and hired rooms.

Cyclone has managed to create an atmosphere of self development and learning in what is often an underprivileged community and has to date already helped many young people build their social, physical and cultural development both in their work, social and personal lives.

Cyclone is a non profit making organisation which has managed to get to its current level by the efforts and determination of its members. All monies earned by Cyclone have been re invested into the development of the group.

Mission & Goals

  • To provide a centre of excellence for a variety of Martial Arts in the west side of Newcastle.
  • To develop the Chu Sau Lei Chinese Boxing System as a foundation system for MMA
  • To give equal access to anyone who wishes to take part regardless of their income level, circumstances and ethnicity.
  • To promote good social skills and to encourage development of members sence of community, brotherhood, social interaction.
  • To create an atmosphere of learning and support and encourage members to excel in both their training and in their day to day lives.
  • To offer support in employment, education and physical health related issues.
  • To offer cultural opportunities that would be otherwise out of reach to many members.
  • To offer opportunities to achieve goals that will raise their self esteem and motivation in other areas of their life.
  • to provide social engagement opportunities for its members

It is a core intention within Cyclone to remain a community based organisation which produces opportunities for its members and seeks to fill a function in helping young men & women of all ethnicities develop both their social skills and promote good health and respect for other members of their community.

It should be noted we have already seen many of our members have major benefits to their health by way of fitness, improved diet an weight loss aswell as turning away from drink and drug abuse, we have seen members who were engaged in what could only be described as anti social behaivior turn away from this route.

On the other side we have a group that includes professionals such as doctors, scientists, high level business people, police officers, members of the armed forces and fire services. This ability to bring together people from so many different walks of life benefits the entire group and promotes a good understanding of different aspects of our community.

The Benefits of Cyclone to its members and local community are both Social and Financial:

  • Benefit to the local community providing a range of healthy activities
  • Creation of centre for sport based social activities
  • Employment and skill development opportunities
  • Business opportunities for self employed instructors, educators etc

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