Changin' Wind
4 Charlton Place
N1 8AJ

What is it? Changin’ Wind is the first Complainery in London. It is a new service, unique of its kind. We soothe our clients with the ancient art of conversation.

Who is it for? The first thing you see in the morning is a cluttered train. You deal every day with an abusive boss. You feel your love life could be better. Your family gives you troubles. The Complainery is for you.

What do we do? Our aim is improving the quality of life by relieving stress. In the Complainery you find a beautiful parlour and a unique professional, the Soother.

She helps you to talk about your problems. She listens to you, never judges, and always lends a sympathetic ear, while treating you to tea, chocolate and other small comfort food.

By talking with her, you will be able to ease your worries.

The Complainery is not a therapy clinic or a life-coaching venue. The Soother, on the other hand, is an experienced clinical psychologist. She doesn’t solve your problems for you; she just makes your day better.

Sometimes this is all we need: a bit of sunshine through the rain.

Why in Islington? The Changin’ Wind is a walk-in: the customer can simply pop in the shop and ask for a session straight away. Islington is a vibrant place, close to the City and within easy reach from every part of London.

What else? Just ask. We are all for conversation…

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