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We asked a world-class hair expert which trends would be big this year

01/03/2019 / Beauty

At 15, my sister asked me to dye her hair platinum blonde. I grabbed a paintbrush – only the finest equipment used in my salon (bathroom) – some cling film, and a box of hair dye. £5 from Bodycare, naturally. I applied it. Waited thirty mins. Then unstripped the cling film from her hair, to reveal a speckled colour selection of brown, Sunny-D-yellow, and deep orange. We both learnt a lesson that day; my sister would only ever trust the salon, and I was to move far, far away from her for a good few months. Older, wiser, and with good hair on everyone’s agenda, it’s in the pros we trust. Here’s one of them – Wella’s Technical Manager – telling us which trends will be big in 2019. Interestingly, DIY ‘leopard-print’ doesn’t crop up.

By Rachel Spedding