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6 superfoods to brighten your skin, reduce breakouts and slow ageing

16/08/2021 / Beauty

Every time a new spot appears – uninvited may I add – on my face, I can guess with about 99.9% accuracy what caused it. That big, painful, under-the-skin one on my chin? Time of the month. The angry ones around my mouth? Maskne, thanks COVID

Diet is another big one (don’t worry, we’re not about to go all ‘you are what you eat’ on you). Eating too much red meat, refined sugar and saturated fats, or drinking too much alcohol are all classic culprits. Obviously, we’re not going to tell you to cut out chocolate or wine (we’re not that cruel) – instead, we’ve listed the good stuff that actually helps on our pursuit for clear, dewy skin.

WRITTEN BY Beth Ludolf