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7 simple hacks to stop city smog clogging up your skin

04/01/2018 / Editor's picks

It’s that time of year when you’d usually detox your body; put everything you consume through a Nutribullet. Pretend hot water and lemon doesn’t taste like an emptied washing up bowl and tell anyone who’ll listen about your dry-ish (no one ever actually gets to the end do they?) January? But we’re taking a stand against resolutions that make us feel crappy and focusing, instead, on little things we can do to feel brighter. And since it’s usually all about our bodies at this time of year, we’re bucking the trend and remembering our faces. Pollution in major cities is the highest it’s ever been – London broke its annual limit just FIVE days into 2017 – and pollution particles are now known to be up to 30 times smaller than our pores. This means that if you aren’t lucky enough to be living the rural idyll, your complexion needs all the help it can get to fight back against this elemental villain. Here’s what you can do to swerve the smog.

By Jo Hoare