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Semi-permanent makeup, or how to cheat the ‘no makeup’ look

12/06/2018 / Don't try this at home

Imagine a world where your makeup is eternally ‘topped up’. No liner application with front cam, or brow carving in your teaspoon reflection; it’s here, folks, and it’s called semi-permanent makeup. The tattooing technique has come a long way since the 90s’ days of racoon eyes and thick-lined lips. Treatments are subtle, add definition, and don’t cost the earth. Brows, liner and lips, we’re filling you in (not too literally) on everything you need to know about semi-permanent makeup. They say nothing good lasts forever, and it’s kind of true, but three years of a carved-out brows without drawing ‘em on daily sounds mighty-fine to me.

By Rachel Spedding