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4 weddings and an outfit: how to recycle your wedding look without anyone noticing

01/05/2018 / Editor's picks

Like Keira Knightley – who’s stepped out in her Chanel wedding dress numerous times since tying the knot – everyone wants an excuse to wear a beloved outfit more than once. Unlike Keira, our budgets don’t give us much choice in the matter – and with four weddings in one summer, if it’s a different friendship group, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be re-wearing. Here’s where your best pals – nails, hair and makeup – come in. Their ability to make you feel like new in, how shall we put it, a familiar outfit, is second to none.

By Rachel Spedding

Image credits: @angelicaretreat, @aprylmakingfacesgorey, @glossier, @alinka_makeupartist