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Ask our editor: how to get a handle on your holiday hair

16/06/2017 / Don't try this at home

As much as we all crave ‘beach hair’ (you’re saying you’ve never taken a photo of Candice, Miranda or Doutzen a la plage into the hairdressers?), all that sea, sun and surf isn’t so great for your locks. Beachy texture often means salt and chlorine giving your hair that undone, messy-wavy feel – which is all fun and games for a day or two, but when you get home and realise you can’t get a comb through it? Less fun. The extreme heat and swimming in the sea can be incredibly dehydrating for your hair, especially if you regularly use heat tools or have coloured your hair (so, all of us then).

Luckily, the right kit will help your hair handle what the holiday’s about to throw at it. We spoke to Sophie Ruggiero, System Professional Expert and champion of their new EnergyCodeTM concept,  who’s seen more cases of ‘holiday hair’ than you have air miles. Read on for her expert tips on how to keep things manageable this summer…

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