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Confusing things you hear at the salon (and what they really mean)

04/04/2017 / Editor's picks

Let’s face it, sometimes the journey to getting the hair of your dreams can be a real headache. You know what you want, but when it comes to actually explaining it to your stylist? That’s when things can get a bit confusing. And the dreaded salon lingo only makes matters worse. From base colours to toning treatments, hands up if you’ve ever left a salon appointment feeling more confused than when you walked in? To put a stop to the madness we sat down with stylist to the stars James Galvin from Daniel Galvin salons, to help us demystify all that confusing salon jargon, and ensure you’re armed with all the right knowledge next time you book in. Consider this the only glossary you’ll ever need on the road to perfect hair. Read on to find out more…

By Rebecca Hoffnung

Image credits: Stocksy, @jamesgalvinhair Instagram, @kamillakarre Instagram, @danielgalvinldn Instagram