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5 of the best facialist approved summer SPFs

20/06/2017 / Editor's picks

We don’t need to warn you about the importance of wearing suncream. From skin damage to wrinkles and even skin cancer, nowadays anyone who’s even remotely skin conscious will know that layering up with SPF as the weather gets hotter is key if you want to protect your face from the many dangers of sun exposure. So where to begin? Suncreams come a dime a dozen at any local pharmacy, but if you want your products to go the extra mile by combining SPF with a host of other skin-saving ingredients, then our edit of these facialist approved summer SPF products will be just up your street. These aren’t the thick, greasy creams your mother smothered all over your face as a child, oh no. These products are packed with a whole range of highly pampering ingredients that are ideal for just about every skin type. Summer, we’re ready for you now…

By Rebecca Hoffnung


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