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8 ways to pre-tox your mind and body for party season

06/12/2017 / Editor's picks

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting…drunk, tired, frazzled and stressed. Ok, the goose isn’t so much, but you definitely are. Work do’s, Christmas catch-ups, mince pies and a glass of fizz at every corner, is it just us or are Christmas parties doubling in numbers every year? Of course we love it but four hours sleep a night and a staple diet of Quality Street and prosecco can take its toll. Before you panic and start saying no to your invites (apart from that one from your creepy neighbour who you’re not sure has left his flat in 2017, definitely take a rain check on that one) try a little bit of Christmas pre-tox, and you’ll sail through party season without so much as a split end.

By Jo Hoare