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3 simple ways to reduce redness after your wax

10/02/2016 / Don't try this at home

You’ve booked in for a last-minute bikini wax. Sure, great, all good here. But…when you check the results at home, you’re a little more…angry…down there than you’d planned for. Well, news is – that happens, and it’s temporary (you did just rip hair out of your body with hot wax). Advice is – whether you opted for a Brazilian or a Hollywood, a classic bikini or something totally freestyle, it’s a good idea to take some oh-so simple measures to reduce inflammation and post-wax rash-potential . To get some advice on this below-the-belt topic, we sat down with beauty expert Natalie Moran to grill her on the dos and don’ts of the dreaded bikini wax.  Before you bring out those big lady pants read our SOS guide…

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