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Why BIAB might be your new go-to nail treatment for longer, stronger, and healthier nails

23/08/2021 / Editor's picks

Attention: nail biters, acrylic addicts, and anyone else pining for healthier, stronger, or longer nails – this one’s for you. 

I’ve been on the quest for the perfect nails for years – I’m obsessed with the long, elegant look (and insta-baddie vibes) of acrylic extensions, and also love the classic, glossy, chic-ness of gel and shellac polish. It’s no secret, though, that some of these nail treatments can cause damage to the natural nail, and leave them feeling brittle, thin, and fragile (especially if you’re like me, and are almost as addicted to picking at the nails as you are to getting them in the first place). 

If you can relate – there’s a treatment that might just be the perfect solution to your nail woes. It’s called BIAB, (Builder in a Bottle), and it’s pretty much changing the game in the nail world. 

Needless to say, we were *extremely* curious to see the effectiveness of BIAB for ourselves – so we sent Dominique van Bladel to try it out for us at the Nailart Junkie salon. We also spoke to salon owner Sanne, for her expert lowdown of the treatment. Here’s what we found out: