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Ask the editor: how to wash your hair like a pro

09/06/2017 / Uncategorized

We all love that post-salon-blow-dry feeling. The infinitely swishier hair, the smoothness that somehow survives sweaty gym sessions, the gravity defying-bounce…Plus, have you noticed that a salon style always seems to last a longer than anything you do at home? It’s not just industrial amounts of hairspray (though that helps) – it’s because they get your hair really clean. That’s right – you’re not imagining that squeaky-clean sensation. A proper salon wash gets your hair clean from root to tip in a way that’s hard to replicate at home. Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Um, Liz, I already know how to wash my hair, thank you very much.’ Well, think about it this way. You know how you definitely know how to clean your teeth, then you go and see your dentist and they show you all the spots you’ve missed? Exactly. All of us can benefit from a little refresher, so I enlisted Sophie Ruggiero, System Professional Expert to give you a few pointers on how get that salon-clean-feeling at home. Of course, different kinds of hair needs different types of washing, which is what System Professional’s new EnergyCode range is all about. It’s designed to help you solve all your haircare needs, not just one. Oily roots but dry ends? Sophie can tell you how to wash and care for both at once. Seriously damaged hair, but it’s still super fine and can’t take rich conditioner? She’s got something for that. Read on for more…

By Liz Hambleton

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