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3 guys try eyebrow waxing for the first time

22/05/2018 / Beauty

We know it, you know it: beauty is for everyone. But, for some reason, some men still think that certain beauty treatments are not for them. Eyebrow waxing is a classic example – some people worry that their brows will look too ‘done’, with emphasised arches or an overly defined shape. Or that people will notice they’ve had them groomed and they’ll be judged. Here’s the truth: waxing, for many men, has become an essential part of their maintenance routine. Last year, it was the second most booked treatment for men on Treatwell (behind haircuts). It’s just no-one talks about. We think it’s a conversation worth having so we sent 3 guys who have never waxed before to try it out. This is what they told us…

I… shower once a day. And maybe put some hair stuff in.