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Six Laser Hair Removal Sessions - Full Leg with Soprano XL

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You will enjoy:

  • Six sessions of full leg laser hair removal with Soprano XL Permanent

The administration (FDA) approved Soprano XL Laser is the first of its kind to offer virtually pain-free hair-removal for all skin types.

How the Soprano XL Blue Laser works
This advanced laser technology method (developed and tested in the USA) uses a gold standard 810nm diode- cooled tip with revolutionary IN-Motion™ technology to target the growing hair follicle.

The light produced by the laser is at the infrared end of the light spectrum and not ultraviolet, and therefore it is non-carcinogenic (non-cancer causing). This light is attracted to the pigment in the hair bulb responsible for hair growth, and works by gradually heating and destroying it.

What sets the Soprano XL Blue Laser apart?
Hair can be reduced on all body areas with a virtually pain-free experience.

By heating the hair slowly and combining this with a cooling tip, the Soprano laser destroys the growing hair follicle in a much gentler way, and therefore there is less skin reaction and no skin anaesthetics are required.

The revolutionary IN-Motion™ technology uses a sweeping technique that eliminates the common problem of missed or skipped spots of hair. Due to the Soprano XL's advanced technology, all skin types can receive safe and effective hair-removal treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?
The Number of treatments prescribed is determined after a thorough photothermolysis assessment as everyone is different. Typically 6-8 treatments are required to achieve a desirable 80%-100% permanent reduction in hair growth.

Will my hair ever grow back?
In a nutshell, no. Once the hair bulb has been permanently damaged it can no longer grow new hair. However, there is always a possibility a few hair follicles might require re-treatment.

Is it safe?
Alma’s patented IN-Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and safety. Why? The in motion tech combines concurrent cooling with a gradual thermal raise to the exact photothermolysis temperature, without the risk of injuring the surrounding skin resulting in less pain for the patient.

Do I need to plan time off for treatments?
Treatments with the Soprano XL require no “down time” or “recovery time”. You can return to your normal activities immediately.

How do I know it won’t hurt?
Patients have described the treatment as a hot stone massage. Book your free consultation and test patch today to see for yourself.

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