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Emotional and digestive health

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Phobias, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, traumas, stress and irrational fears are present in nearly everyone. Most of these unconscious issues can be traced back to the first time the person experienced a negative situation whilst leaving a negative imprint in the mind. Negative thoughts weaken our body.

We may ’forget’ an individual stressful incident but our bio-computer stores the information and remembers the stress every time we encounter a similar situation. The result is a cumulative effect that leads to our being in stress (distress) almost continually.

Kinesiology can help you understand the reasons behind your anxiety and help you feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself. It can help you to process your feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Over time it can help you gain more understanding about yourself, rather than feeling at the mercy of your emotions or like you need to suppress how you feel.


Kinesiology is a natural health care system which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body in the structural, chemical, neurological, and biochemical realms. It uses the action of muscle testing to discover the real cause of health problems. It is a technique where we are able to discover the underlying cause of an issue. The root cause of a health condition could be physical, nutritional or emotional, which is all addressed within a treatment that will balance the body.

Kinesiology looks at the whole person, as quite often the root of the problem is not where the discomfort or pain is found. For example IBS could be an emotional issue and or a food sensitivity, a structural/painful issue in the lower back maybe because of an imbalance in the intestines, headaches may originate from a jaw imbalance and so on.


During your first session, we will take a full and detailed history. You will then lie on the massage table remaining fully clothed, and the practitioner will place your arms, legs or head into specific positions and then apply a light pressure against the muscle that is being tested.

Treatment may involve a combination of manipulative work, guidance in self-treatment, nutritional support, herbal remedies, Bach flower remedies, EFT tapping and treatment to aid stress-related problems.

Releasing stress, trauma and negative thoughts safely can help you move forward and I employ a set of Kinesiology and tapping techniques to help you re-programme these thoughts at a subconscious level.

Not all the emotional issues are resolved completely in the first session, but within four or five sessions, most problems are banished. The results are impressive.

The consultation includes a customized Bach Flower remedies blend. Nutritional supplements are charged separately.

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