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Anti wrinkle injections upper third face

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To reduce the appearance of unwanted lines which occur as a result of facial movement. Botox injections will help prevent further deepening by softening or erasing the dynamic muscle movement temporarily. Results last approximately between 3-6 months.

How Does It Work?

Anti wrinkle injections are also known as botox which is short for botulinim toxin. This is a protein which releases a neurotoxin causing the muscles in the area to relax.

What Else Can It Help With?

• Hyperhidrosis – excessively sweaty armpits.

• Helps reduce and smooth the lines caused by dynamic muscle movement ie lines created by moving the face. Such as lines formed when you smile around the eyes or lines in between the eyebrows caused by frowning.

• Helps prevent shallow static lines present in the upper 1/3 face getting deeper ie lines present when the face is not moving.

• Helps prevent excessive sweating in the underarm area – hyperhidrosis.

How Long Does It Last?

Treatment duration varies between 3-6 months

Does It Hurt?

The actual procedure is very quick and relatively painless. If required we can apply topical anaesthetic to help reduce any sensitivity.

How Will I Look Immediately After?

The most common appearance in the areas are redness and slight swelling which goes down after a few hours. The actual treatment can take 2-14 days to develop. After which skin will look smoother giving the face a more relaxed, refreshed appearance.

What Should I Not Do Immediately After?

• After treatment try not to touch the areas as the risk of infection is increased.

• Avoid heavy physical exercise

• No saunas or face masks.

• No lying down for at least four hours

Who Cannot Do It

The procedure is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. It is not suitable for anyone with a neuromuscular disorder.

Any Risks?

Following anti wrinkle injections there is a very small risk of droopy eyelid, bruising, allergic reaction to product, blurred vision, dizziness.

At NW1 Dental Care a highly qualified practitioner will be performing anti wrinkle procedures which ensure safe treatment and also achieving the best possible results.

So join millions of others who had anti wrinkle treatments making it the most popular non surgical facial procedure.

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