Hi are there any treatments that can help reduce stretch marks on my stomach area

Asked by Kazlauren

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Medical needling is the way forward. It is effective, reasonably priced and the downtime is not too long. Our doctor advocates this therapy modality.
Carboxytherapy is a new emerging treatment that some advocate.
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We have many different options for stretch mark removal including dermal roller and laser resurfacing. Depending on the depth colour and age of the stretch marks it really depends on the action taken. I would recommend that you use the dermal roller for x2 week for 6 weeks. this will help to prepare the skin and stimulate the collagen production. Thereafter I would recommend a course of Laser Resurfacing treatment with smooth Mode.
Please follow this link for more info http://www.med-spa.co.uk/stretch-marks-reduction.html Our consultations are free of charge if you would like an appointment or you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me here at the clinic toni@skinlc.c.uk
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I have got fantastic results with medical needling. You can download a fact sheet from my website if you wnat to learn more and there's a demo of it on my website if you want to see it in action: http://www.indulgencebeauty.me.uk/microneedling.htm
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Dermaroller is the most effective treatment for stretch marks. You will need 4 or 5 sessions with 6 weeks gap between them. (pls make sure that you choose a treatment with a medical Dermaroller of 1.5mm). Pls have a look at http://www.bodysilk.co.uk for more information or just call 02072835800 for a chat if you have any questions.
We can reduce stretch marks with Pixel and medical grade dermabrasion. If you want afree consultation please call 01895 630 604. We are based in Ruislip Middlesex.
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