Run 35 miles, broken leg and ankle I have put 6 stones on and I need help.

I use run 35 miles aweek now I can't i need help
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Your question is a bit vague. Though as you mention you have gained 6 stones in weight I would guess the broken leg and ankle occurred some time ago.
Following any injury there has to be a period of rest and then rehabilitation, you cannot simply resume where you left off.
If your injuries are fully healed you can start back with something of lower impact such as swimming and as your fitness and confidence improves (following a serious injury you can suffer from fears that the bone may not take the stress and re-break etc) slowly increase your exercise levels.
If you are still experiencing pain or reduced mobility then some rehabilitation may be necessary. As long as your GP has declared you fit for exercise some yoga or Tai Chi types movements will help with your mobility and strenghen weakened muscles. The increase in blood flow will also stimulate increased healing in your weakened areas.
Plan your training and you will soon be back to your previous level of fitness. Good luck
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you need to come and see me as a C.H.E.K.Practitioner level 3 i do 4 hr body assessment it will take time get your fitness back but we can do my fee is £125 ph let me know from scott i work out of baker street london


Your question is very vague. Having any injury after being so fit can be very hard mentally to deal with. More information is needed to really get to the bottom of your problem. I reccommend that you have a consultation with a personal trainer and perhaps a nutritionist as I feel you may be comfort eating or your eating habits werent perfect before your injury. There are many ways of keeping fit and not knowing more details of your injury the first obvious one would be swimming as there is no impact on your bones. You will need to start rehabilitation exercises for your legs. You need to start exploring the many other ways to keep fit. Did running dominate your fitness? The gym would be a second choice for you, rehabilitation, upper body strength, core exercises, flexibility, and may give you motivation which will remind you of the feel good factor that you once got from running. You were once very fit and you must not forget that feeling and try and get back to that state. It may take awhile, start at the beginning but try and learn from every step you take and you will probably come back stronger and fitter and armed with knowledge.
Theres no time like today, dont put it off till tomorrow.
Hey Tanne, first of thank you :) And well done for already initiating the fact that you want help - that must have been a tough thing to overcome. The even better news is that the rest is very achievable. The comment is definitely a little vague and some of these answers are good. Lets not waste time on measuring BMI, body fat% and all that - there are much more simpler ways of measuring - like your clothes - and rewarding you get to shop :)
35 miles a week is very impressive - if you are wanting to reach that goals again, i want you to firstly understand that you can - and if you need the help then i would be more than happy to help you. The broken leg and ankle - what happened? when? how? what were the levels of injury? how long were you injured? have you had rehab? has your GP given you permission to begin exercise again? I too broke both my ankles and was out for 18 months - i am now not only fitter than i ever was but my ankles are also stronger. I am not too concerned about your 6 stones right now, i think it is important to start building a basic fitness level, and strengthening the muscles and ligaments in your legs, ankles and feet. Lightweight exercises will help raise your heart rate to get you used to exercising again, and allow you to remember the feeling of all those endorphins running around your body. And yoga/ pilates will increase your flexibility and movement. The weight issue can be picked up at a later date. To be absolutely more specific we would have to consult these matters and talk in depth about their occurrences - why you have excess weight? the injury's and your current state of motivation as well as fitness. Feel free to book one with me - just send me and email or call and we can arrange that in a friendly convenient place.
I hope you take good care of your self in the meantime, and remember i can seriously help you even if you know you can do the exercise, i can help you get started and back on track.
All the answer in here sound good pick one I would say go for a full Fitness consultation on your legs then rehab your legs with special exercises sport and injury therapist 6-12weeks you should be runining again 35miles a week nice.... Your very FIT. If I can help let me know. ('',
If you need help with training, i am happy to help. Have a look at my wesite.
Will get you back to 100% in the fastest time possible.
Hi Tanne;
Thanks for your interest in Personal training.
I hope you already checked
I need to take you in Fitness consultation and one hour fitness testing that means,
you will be checked ,your weight , body fat %, Bone mass, Muscle mass, water %, Metabollic age afterwards you ll have fitness test that cover Balance, Strenght, and cordination
end of the fitness consultation I will be known pretty everything about your fitness level after that we can take you in training stage.
I am Master Personal trainer and sport injury therapist
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best regards;
Murat Gecmen
You'll need to rehab your legs with special exercises and deal with the issues that caused the damage, weight gain and frustration of the whole situation. We can do this at Crystal Clear Health. Jacqueline Harvey
What specifically do you need help with?? The training? specialist rehab to enable you to train? Running and running rehab are a specialty of mine! Although I am sure you will get lots of offers of help!
I can surely help out with getting you back on track, how is walking now? painful?
Do you mean you need some help with training? I can certainly help you out on that front!
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