Hi. Can anyone recommend any good collagen supplements/ treatments/procedures?

Although Im in my early 20s, I have always had a problem with low collagen levels in my face, as well as having small cheekbones. Because of this i don't really have cheek 'apples', instead they're very hollow and make my face look very flat and sunken.
I'm very self conscious of this, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution that works?
Because of my age I don't want anything too invasive or expensive just yet, so the less invasive the better.
Thank you
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Your low collage and small cheek bones can be enhanced using injectable hyaluronic acid fillers. The best options would be Sculptra, Restylane or another premium brand filler - there is a small list which could be suitable.
Hyuralonic filler products enhance the profile of your face and in skilled hands can reshape your features to enable you to have the plumper cheek ' apples ' you are after.
There are a number of demonstrations on my website which may show you how the before and after pictures work out. http://www.prostrata.com/Clinic/Dermal_FIller_Treatment_by_Dr_Anna_Hemming_at_ProStrata_Clinic.html
Fillers last for 6-12 months sometimes longer and repeated treatments enhance the natural ability of your tissues to maintain shape. This should mean longer between treatments and less product as time progresses.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
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l want face lift pills which l must have please can you find then for me they are type one collagen with cells and genes pills if l cant have then l will have only type one collagen pills l want too elastin pills too l want the strongest in all the pills l take is there a company l can contact as any thing else will not do at all for me thankyou.
l want to know were l can get type one collagen with cellls and genes pills from what are the cost
There is a new product on the market Visi Probita. It is the only product on the market that contains 5 types of Collagen and is 100% Bio Available and 100% Absorbable. Sugar Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.
There is currently a lack of scientific evidence for the anti-aging effects of creams, lotions or other beauty products containing collagen. However, preliminary research suggests that applying DHEA to the skin may help promote the production of collagen and help reduce signs of aging. Since this finding has yet to be tested in large clinical trials, it's important to consult a dermatologist prior to using DHEA-based skin-care products.


a natural collagen gel has proven clinical results here in Eastern europe and this info is slowly getting into the western world. http://www.naturalcollagen.in has a little info and as the proofs and testimonies are being translated the site will have more info, justifying the claims and wide useage and positive effects experienced here in Poland, Ukraine and Russia...
can anybody can tell me were l can get type one collagen with cells and genes pils if l cant have then l will have type one collagen pills l want the strongest in all the pills l take l want too elastin pills too thankyou .
I'm a huge fan of Katharine Botanicals supplements. They're 100% <a href=" http://www.katharinebotanicals.com/marine-collagen-tablets.html">pure marine collagen</a>. I've been taking them for around 7 months and my skin is really showing a difference in elasticity and the wrinkles are definitely reduced, so it may well help with plumping out your cheeks a bit.
were can l get type one collagen with cells and genes pills if l can have the l will have type one collagen pills l want too elastine pills l want the strongest l can get from all the pills l take can you find for me the full address of the main leading ageing research center in this world will all the pills l take wqill keep me young for ever yes or no .


Colvita collagen supplements are a good start, 100% bio compatible with the body, the collagen is live and active...http://www.naturalcollagen.in
Colvita collagen supplements are a good start, 100% bio compatible with the body, the collagen is live and active...http://www.naturalcollagen.in These supps are used widely in eastern europe and are now becoming distributed in the english speaking countries and also more widely thru europe.
Yes you can have collagen induction therapy ( skin needling) I have had 3 treatrments at Innercore clinics in Leeds and my skin looks fantastic . I use a home roller 2 times a week with collagen cream and this has really helpedf my skin elasticity
Yes I acn recomend Protocol collagen
Its 100% Collagen type 2 in tablet form 3 per day.
Please check my websitw for more info http://www.jpsfitness.net if interested email me
jason scawthorn
My salon BOWS BEAUTY stocks the Advanced Nutrition Programme, which are great supplements,vitamins & minerals. You need to be taking Skin Collagen Support, Skin C Plus & a good multi vitamin daily. This will really help toward stimulating your collagen production.I also have a collagen mask that is applied during my hour long facials & I am also trained in Collagen stimulation therapy. so i am sure i can help you.
I suffered with little to no top lip dor years untill i had dermal Fillers by my nurse in Essex Natasha http://www.natashagray.co.uk if your based near Brighton try http://www.botox-in-brighton.co.uk
Good luck chick
Hey there is a brand called Elimis witch is full of collagen and helps to plump the skin its called pro-collagen mairan cream it's about £125 but you only need a 5p sized piece for the whole of your face.good luck
Without examining your face it is very difficult to give definitive advice.
I regularly inject Sculptra in clients ranging in age from early 30's to late 70's - that said Sculptra could still be used in your age range and given its duration of action would probably be a more cost effective treatment for you in the long term.
Good luck.
Dr V Kent
Hi there,
No one can advise you properly without examining your face first. However, what you describe is a lack of volume within the cheek area. It would be highly unusual to have 'low collagen' levels as you say, it's much more likely to just be your own facial anatomy. Does your mother for example have the same features?
There are options available although none of these should be entertained lightly. To achieve plumpness and shape, no amount of facial exercises or skin treatments will create the look you describe. However, if you are very keen on this, a treatment would be a product known as Sculptra. It is a filler material injected under local anaesthetic. It differs from the more commonly used fillers for wrinkle treatments by being longer lasting and is injected far deeper into the face. As a consequence, it is more expensive and much more invasive. It carries a higher risk of bleeding, infection and lumps that may be felt or seen under the skin. I don't offer Sculptra myself but a google search would bring you several places that could help.
All the best, but I would strongly advise if this is really worth it. If you have any other facial questions regarding Botox, fillers or your skin, I am more than happy to offer free advice for you.
Dr Jake Sloane
i work with a multi polar radio frequency machine called Mabel Plus. My profile pic is of my friend after 8 15 minute treatments to one side of her face. It is pain free with no down time. Her face is full and more defined and wrinkles are reduced. It instantly produces elastin and collage and this carries on working for up to 2 days. The results last a long time but depend on your lifestyle. So if you sunbathe a lot it wont last as long as someone who protects their skin, has a healthy diet etc.
I do a beauty treatment with a Multi Polar Radio Frequency machine called Mabel Plus. it puts back elastin and collagen immediately and continues to work for up to two days. it then stays there till you naturally lose it. Check out the picture on my website http://www.faceandbodypod.com where you will see a picture of my friend who let me work on one side of her face. It is plumper and more defined. Also i sell a fantastic fish oil called Premium Omega 3 by Xtend life which has extra ingredients which help with collage and elastin production and repair and prevent sun damage.
Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm would be ideal to correct this issue. Our doctors have successfully treated many patients for this reason and they have been delighted with the results. Treatment price is expected to be £400. Do come and see us if you can so we can discuss this in more detail.
Hi there! try IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which will help to plump skin and stimulate collagen. See http://www.youtube.com/tracyebellchannel to see our team performing this treatment and some excellent results.
This is a tough one if one is to be honest. Unless there has been an illness or something that may have caused what you describe as gaunt facial features, I would say that it may be hard to change your gentic facial structure. It's my guess that one of your parents may have the same facial structure? Any suggestions short of dermal fillers will only be very temporary. Dermal fillers however, can last as long as a year.
Recently, I heard a dermatologist suggest the use of our own blood to be used as a filler for the face. He indicated that this technique lasted up to two years. He did not mention costs or whether there are any contraindications.
CACI Facials would prob help but I think they are £50+ other than that look on youtube for facial exercises. Good Luck.
You should try a product called SCULPTRA which is injectected into the cheek area to add mass and definition to this area. Similar results are possible with RESTYLANE but beware not to over do it as you could end up with an over-plumped look commonly known as "Pillow Face"
Hope this helps!
Smoothface Botox Company
Hello there, sorry I don't know your name.
I understand your problem. We live in time of media influences and such beautiful images as those of Kate Moss and Claudia Sheiffer do play a big part in the way we want to see ourselves.
With regard to collagen supplements, I am afraid to disappoint you by my honest answer. Collagen supplements will not change the shape of your face, nor will they make any difference to tightening your skin. If you want to improve your skin condition, you will need to look into having Dermal Roller or Mesotherapy treatments, which help the skin to produce collagen.
If you are looking to enhance your chick bones the simplest and safest solution is to have injections of Hyaluronic Acid Gel to increase the volume of your cheeks. If you have cheek enhancement done by experienced doctor, you will get very nice and subtle results. It is not very expensive, I think you are looking at about £500 per treatment. The results will last only about 12-18 months, so you will need to maintain the volume by regular yearly top-ups. There is of course a permanent way via surgery, but I would not recommend it to someone as young as you are. Purely because if you do not like the results of permanent facial implants, you will need to have them taken out via having removal surgery. This could cost you as much as the initial surgery to place the implants. Facial implants cost from £3000 onward, so you see it is quite an expensive risk to take.
I hope this is helpful.
Kind regards
Facial toning works good on cheeks especially, keep your face relaxed and turn the corners of your mouth up very lightly slowely and controlled, if you are doing it correctly you will feel your cheek muscles ache. You can do it any were any time as its a supple exersize. There are dermal fillers talk to your Specialist for that sort of thing.
The brand called protocol. Ther are great
hi, the only treatment i can recommend to you iwhich is inexpensive ,facial exercises to improve the shape of your face , there are plenty on the internet you can try, the only oter treatment which is expensive is of course cheek enhancement with dermal fillers, however they are very good and not permanent, hope this helps
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