What is the best natural pick-me-up?

I have a very busy lifestyle and try to avoid coffee, energy drinks and things like Berocca. However I'm finding it hard to keep my energy levels up! I'm after things such as snacks/natural drinks etc - but please take into consideration I do not have access to healthy juice bars and I don't have a juicer either.

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Hi there, rather than a quick fix I would suggest you get a proper lifestyle assessment ( including nutrition and exercise ) to see what you can do to keep your energy level up.
But if are really after a pick me up drink you can check out the latest "celebrity trend": coconut water. I haven't tried it myself, and as always these "trends" you must be careful, but according to nutritionist, coconut water is rich in electrolytes and has more potassium than a banana.
I personally would recommend to carry with you a small fruit and make sure you stay hydrated. I love organic Clementine. They are small, perfect for a snack and rich in vitamin C for a bit of extra energy.
Hope this help
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Thanks Claudia. I'll try out the coconut water and see whether it works or not. I'm going to carry out nuts, sultanas and I can never get enough of clementimnes :-)
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I was really after types of fruits, natural snacks, natural drinks etc that are especially good for giving you energy....
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