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Question: Is there a way of treating tennis elbow?

Asked by lopo5

17 answers

I have a friend of mine who is complaining about tennis elbow and who feels that there is nothing that he can do to alleviate it. I would love to be able to give him some options.

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There have been many treatments uesed over time for trnnis Elbow. Stretches, ultrasound, injections and even surgery. One that I would say is good is a specific tyep of exercise called Eccentric exercise. Eccentric exercise is where the musle and tendons in question acts as a brakes slowing or resisting a movement. I hope I can be more of help to your friend I wish him all the best.

Sources: Buy equipment called (thera-band flexbar)

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My doctor recommended a golf ball muscle roller for my tennis elbow, great tool for massaging, worked very surprisingly well helped and me recover faster than any other treatment! trust me your going to want to check it out!!

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Castor oil compress on the elbow, every night for at least two weeks - sleep with it on. Castor oil soaks in and feeds the cells repairing the ligaments and tendons. Takes a while as it is food not medicine. Along with gentle stretching and avoiding overloading the muscles (i.e. stop playing tennis for the two weeks). I'm happy to provide more detail and/or testimonials if you have questions. It is an unusual option, and an effective one!


The best thing to do initially is to rest, ice the affected area and wear an elbow brace (most sports good shops sell these). Once pain and/or inflammation has passed its important to strengthen the muscles around the elbow. With tennis elbow, doing reverse wrist curls are good or you could grab a broom handle or something similar with your palm facing downwards and lift the broom handle just moving the wrist. You should do this several times a day in order to prevent this re-occuring.


To make a full recovery you will need to change the way you use your arm so that your tendon is rested and has time to heal. How you do this will depend on how your tennis elbow developed and how severe it is. There are a number of exercises you can perform to ease tennis elbow and restore movement but your first port of call should probably be your GP or physio if you have not already been. Let me know if you would like any further details.


yes he need to come see me i use chek systems of doing a 4 hour body assessment where i look all the muscle and movement and his work out program i have got lots of client out of pain all type of pain get him to ring me im in london my number is 07841144878 we can get him playing tennis pain free



Homeopathy can be very helpful for treating conditions such as Tennis Elbow. It does depend how long your friend has been suffering with such a condition but remedies such as Rhus Tox, Arnica and Ruta in either a 30c or 200c are all very helpful. If the conditon is more chronic then a consultation with a homeopath might be more appropriate to determine the cause and any emotional links/blocks to the injury. I hope that helps.



Hi Lopo, you should extend your question to osteopaths


as an osteopath, i would suggest in the early phase resting and icing. ibruprofen is optional as an anti-inflammatory but only works in the first 72 hours.

the muscles that cause tennis elbow originate from the outside of your elbow and work to extend the wrist and bring the palm to face the ceiling, these need to be stretched when the elbow is subacute, by combining wrist flexion, making a fist and turning your palm to the floor.

afterwards eccentric exercises should be done, these work to strengthen your muscles in decelleration and into a lengthened position - and most muscle strains occur in eccentric contractions.

neuromuscular massage techniques can be employed for releif as there will be trigger points in the muscles, and myofascial techniques for the surrounding fascia to promote inproved fascial alignment, lymphatic drainage and blood flow.


Tennis elbow is caused by performing repetitive movements and or overuse, which could be caused by a one off injury. Identifying the cause or root of the problem is essential in eliminating ongoing problems. Suffers complain that a bang to the arm triggered the complaint and others feel they tend to bang the injured arm possibly due to holding it ackwardly, Anti-inflamatory medication can help as can a course of physiotherapy. A combination of complete rest of the arm followed by rehabilitation exercises to stregthen the arm is recommended. Cortisone injections can allievate symptoms and allow healing to take place. A splint should be worn to protect overuse of the arm. Ice treatment and massage can be useful. This injury is usally self limiting and gets better 'eventually'. An x-ray should be taken to eliminate the possibility of a fracture, followed by ulta-sound, which may confirm the diagnosis. An MRI scan would provide a complete picture and better understanding of the injury and how best to treat it. Surgery may be suggested when scar tissue has formed creating a difficulty in the area healing naturally. The surgeon would remove the scar tissue and may even consider re-attaching the tendon to the bone. Following complete rest the patient should consider a rehabilitation programme.

Sources:; Elizabeth Farrow BSc.,


Tennis elbow is a tricky problem. Nearly always it is because the elbow is having to do to much. If the spine, shoulder and hips do not decelerate force before they are transmitted to the elbow then the elbow has to deal with them leading to medial or lateral epicondylitis. Both can be described as tennis or golfers elbow.

A treatment strategy is to get assessed to understand what areas of the body lack flexibility and therefore force attenuation. Restoring motion in these areas will mean the elbow does not have to compensate by creating excess motion that leads to irritation.


As a starting point he should seek an ergonomic desk assessment at his workplace, from here recommendations can be put into practice.

Treatments can vary from acupuntre/dry needling to taping techniques and ultrasound. I would suggest an assesment from a physio who would be skilled and able to treat this common condition. He would also benefit from rest.



it is tendinitous, so focus on warm and doing PNF strethcing on your triceps and shoulders


come and see me and can do a full assessment see were it come from a good massage therapist will help too


My doctor recommended a golf ball muscle roller for my tennis elbow, worked very well and reduced the soreness, seriously check it out!


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Skilled remedial massage can get to the root of tennis elbow by getting the brain to 'let go' of the tight wrist extensor muscles that are causing irritation of the tendon that attaches near the elbow.

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