Does IPL hair removal get rid of ALL the hair permantley ?

I've heard that some laser treatments are only temporary and don't get rid of all hair and shaving is still required. Is this case for IPL? Will more treatments be required in the future?
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hi everyone! I had a long course of IPL treatment....i can see it working....but the saloon i went to their machine kept breaking down....i paid so much more savings left... and i still have a long way to go....does anyone know a saloon that take guinea pigs...i want to be one for IPL....i've been in the closet for 20 yrs because of this stupid hair. Help!!!


Athera Laser clinic- £99 for 6 treatments
Search Treatwell for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) near you
yes but be sure to go get IPL done professionally.
I have had ipl on my legs and bikini, and the results have not been that bad, but not that good either. On my legs I have noticed fewer hairs grow, but the ones that do, if I let them grow longer than before. On my bikini line, there has been a reduction in the hairs definitely, but only on the dark ones and I would say around a 40% reduction after 7 sessions. So it´s been a pricey thing.. I am not going to go back to that woman who was doing it, her machine I think may be too old to be working well.
I would advise really asking around for a good place. I was recommended somewhere but ended up not going cause they were so rude on the phone.. but it may have been a better call since i have spent around 700 euros so far...
Hi, IPL is hair REDUCTION and is never guaranteed to give 100% removal of hair. You must also have the correct type of hair for IPL to give you the best results. It works better on coarse, dark hair and so should not be used to treat blonde hair as the results will be minimal and in some cases could encourage the hair to grow and become coarse and dark!
You should allow at least 4 IPL treatments to start seeing the results, by which time you will definately know if it is working and i would say if you are not expreriencing substantial results by this time, then it isn't the treatment for you and to save your money.
I have had two ares treated now - bikini and underams and have had brilliant results with practically no re-growth, however i had 8-9 treatments on my bikini and 4 on my underarms.
Go to a clinic with experienced therapists and up-to-date equipment for best results but expect to have a minimum of 6 sessions and up to 15. The results really vary depending on the colour of your hair and skin. The darker the hair and paler the skin the better it works. Facial hair may require more sessions than the body due to hormones, especially if you have polycystic ovary syndrome.
Hi, I've been having IPL for a while now. Basically no one can promise you permanent results as some hair follicles can stay dormant for weeks and reactivate after your course of treatments.
When I had my first consultation for IPL I was told that hormonal changes affect hair production, so pregnancy and the menopause can cause new hair follicles to grow.
I would say you'll be pretty much hair free if you have the patience to have the required treatments (sometimes you may need 10 in the same area which can be a bit of a bore).
IPL works differenly in everyone but if the treatments are done right and the course is set up right allowing hair to grow,also depending on clients age/stage of life IPL work well in removering all hair growth so that only maintance treatments are needed.