will teeth whitening work on discoloured teeth due to root canal treatment .

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HI there - as a dentist I get asked this question quite a lot! We can carry out a procedure called 'Internal Bleaching' whereby a small hole is made in the tooth and bleach is inserted internally. This will effectively whiten and brighten teeth that are otherwise unresponsive to whitening procedures. As always make sure you speak to a dentist about your concerns to make sure this treatment is the best one for you. Please feel free to email me on reinvent@traceybell.co.uk with all your dental enquiries big and small! See my youtube channel to see our dentists at work! Keep smiling!
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no you have to do internal bleaching,so the dentist put bleach inside the tooth to lighten it up, the other teeth you can whiten with gels or strips try
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As a rule we state as long as they are your own natural teeth we can whiten them.