can it help with neck and shoulder aching, ear fullness and slight dizziness? where in wales r u?

i have had ear fullness, dizziness and neck and shoulder aching for 7 weeks now. was initially treated for sinusitis and after 4 lots of antibiotics still not better, read about myofascial therapy online wondered if it could help. Have started anti depressants for stress. ent said ears were fine no hearing loss and laproscopy ruled out sinusitis. Head feels light and constant pressure in ears, shoulders, neck and jaw ache too, please help x
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Yes, Myofascial Release Therapy with the incorporation of Trigger Point Therapy will most certainly help. Did your Doctor not discuss the possibility of referred pain with you? If your sterno muscle (this is the long muscle that runs down the side of your neck) is in spasm this can cause dizziness and stress also plays a big part in the symptoms you describe. Tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders will lead to headaches and this in turn leads to more tension in the muscles!
In addition to this anti depressants can sometimes cause the feeling of being light headed until you become accustommed to them.
Please take heart and find yourself a therapist who will work with you to alleviate the symptoms you have. If I were treating you I would initially recommend a full body Aromatherapy Massage. This would give me the opportunity to work on a variety of muscles, but in a very soothing way in order to relieve the tension in the muscles, put you at ease and let the essential oils do their work. This would be followed by a more intense treatment like Trigger Point or Deep Tissue Massage. I may even suggest an Indian Head Massage be included as part of the treatment as this includes massaging the sterno and facial trigger points that is also very beneficial for headaches and tension in the areas you refer to.
Hope this helps and I wish you well with your treatments.
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