What is the difference between Osteopathy and Chiropractic?

I injured my neck and want to see someone about it but not sure what I should be looking for. Can someone explain?
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Hi lopo5,
Both Osteopaths and Chiropractors treat neck pain. They both are able to diagnose problems and both have at least 4 years full time training. Not all Osteopaths treat the same and not all Chiropractors are the same. In general terms Chiropractors often do more spinal manipulation and less deep tissue massage, whereas Osteopaths combine both modalities and normally treat for longer. It is sometimes worthwhile trying both and see what suits you best!
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Good luck!
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That's really helpful... thank you!
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Hi Lopo, I had both chiropractic and osteopathy to great results.
Personally I prefer osteopathy only because you get to spend more time with the practitioner, as with chiropractic your follow-ups tend to be 10-15 minutes long. There's also a joke in the industry that says the only difference between osteopaths and chiropractors is that chiros make more money!
But seriously they are both valid in the treatment of neck pain. As your offices are quite close to Harley Street I would suggest going to see my ex colleagues at ALO Physiotherapy, where they have both osteopaths and physiotherapists who can help you.
My osteo is in zone 4 so it's too far for you but I also know a chiropractor in Wimpole Street, his name is Ari Mihailidis.
How did you injure your neck? If there is any structural problem you may need an MRI scan. Some chiros have x-ray machines in their practice. I hope you get better soon.
PS have a nice Christmas!


Thanks Paola... I ended up going to Third Space medical which was very good and could see me right away. The Chiropractor there did mention that one thing they can do x-rays but I don't think it was necessary this time. Will definitely keep your recommendation in mind next time.
Happy Christmas!
Hi Lopo, glad you found a practitioner at short notice! Have a nice time
Both osteopaths and chiropractors treat the neck. As an osteopath we tend to do a lot more soft tissue work before manipulating. I use some equipment called Theraflex which treats the whole spine, does not invlve forceful manipulation and have a lot of press cuttings on my site about the treatment I do see . http://www.backcare.org Theraflex is used by osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists and is a safe, fast effective treatment. . You might want to check the theraflex site http://www.theraflex.info to see if there is some one near to you. Either way any of us should be able to help you. It is often worth seeking treatment sooner than later. Hope this is of help, Irene Phillips, Osteopath


great comments from all here.
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