Whats the best self tanning product at the moment??

I really want to try a self tanning treatment but i worry about looking orange, any ideas?
Asked by Laurio

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Hi Laurio
I use a product called Solspa it is the best i have tried and i have tested alot!! it has no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrances and best of all no smell! i think it beats all products hands down! if you really want the natural tanned look and a choice of shades this is the one!


i agree i use this too and ive used them all!!!!! go to there website and they may send you a free sample xxxx
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Hey Laurio,
My Salon uses Sienna X, and I have to say it is the best I have come across for colour and staying power. They do a great retail range that is all reasonably priced, ready for you to try at home. If you want to check it out, please go to the website...
Hi Laurio
I use Fake Bake Original for my spray tans and I have never had anybody turn orange. It is much more of a natural brown colour.