i want my body back!

i just had a baby 3 months ago and i wont my pre baby body back!
Asked by samlee

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Hi Samlee
Sorry for the delay in my answer. I would advise that you find a gym or trainer that specialises in Post-natal Exercise. The post-natal body is still going through changes and depending on your situation (birth, method of feeding etc) will determine the type of exercise you should choose, and also the correct type of nutrition. If you live in Northern Ireland, then give me a shout at http://www.litefemalefitness.co.uk - we specialise in fitness for women and are fully-qualified to design a Post-natal Exercise Program for you.
Good luck!
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... try Zumba as well, it's a fun cardio routine that will melt the excess baby weight in no time at all.
My friend Kate is a personal trainer see http://www.kbpersonaltraining.co.uk I highly recommend her.
Body pump is a great exercise class, no doubt. A combo of different types of exercise is the best way of seeing fast and lasting results. Feel free to drop me an email: henlu25@gmail.com
I just arrived in South Africa on holiday today, but can I ask my partner in London to contact you should you be interested in Personal Training.
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