Can Hypnotherapy really help you lose weight?

I'm interested to get feedback as this is something I am thinking about, also how exactly does it work?
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Hi Rachael.
Hypnotherapy can absolutely help you to lose weight! In fact I would say it's the most natural and most effective approach to use.
Everybody knows what they need to do to lose weight right? Eat less, and move your body more. It's no big secret.
Yet how many of us do what we know?
When you know what you need to do, but you're still not doing it, it's because there are blocks within your subconscious mind holding you back. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. We get right down to the root cause of the problem within the most powerful part of you, your subconscious mind. We find out (a) what's the real issue here? And (b) how do we resolve this in a way that is easy, natural and harmonious for you?
See the thing is, until you resolve the real underlying issue as to why you're eating more than you should and/or not exercising enough, everything else you try will only yield temporary results. Diets, pills, etc all the traditional methods treat only the symptoms. It's not surprising then that sooner or later, the effects of these methods die off and you're back to square one - if not even further back.
Far better and wiser to get straight down to the root cause and address it once and for all, so you can enjoy the slim attractive body and the healthy vibrant lifestyle you deserve to have. So congratulations to you for investigating this avenue - you're far wiser than you know!
My best wishes to you in tackling this challenge head on. You will find that your life will blossom in unexpected and delightful ways as you progress on this inner journey to reclaim the best of you, and the benefits will overflow through into all areas of your life.
Do come back and share your success story with us!
Wishing you success and happiness always,
Mayuri Goodhand.
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Hello Rachael.
Have you ever known a skinny person who seems to stay thin yet eat as much as they like? They key is to think like a thin person. We all have the same body systems and metabolisms, what makes us different is our thoughts.
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Hypnotherapy helps you to get the right mindset to lose weight - and keep it off.
So, if you eat too much, eat foods that are unhelpful for weight loss, don't exercise or comfort eat then hypnosis helps to get rid of the thoughts that are keeping you doing that and helps to motivate you into new behaviour that will help with weight loss.
I think weight loss is a 3 way process. It's about what you eat, exercise and your mindset. When all 3 of those are balanced then you should be able to achieve a healthy weight - unless there is a medical reason. Don't expect it to be a one-session wonder though. You will probably need a series of sessions.
Best Wishes
We all know what to do to lose weight but somehow actually doing it can prove not so easy.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful aid to providing the will to do what works to shed the pounds.
You are aware and in control at all times whilst the practitioner delivers suggestions to the unconscious part of your mind. This is the place where all memories and beliefs are stored.
The result is a new way of thinking.
I have worked with clients who thought a bowl of salad was inedible pre therapy and since have considered it a delicious meal. Making their dietary changes not only easy but also a pleasure.
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Wishing you
Hi Rachael,
absolutely it can work! How it works, give my wife a call as she covers that part of our business, however, I've seen many a person losing weight as they return for treatments.
Try the BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis) to find a practitioner near you. (
Have a read of what Hayley has to say on the topic on our website
Good luck with your search and treatment.
Kind regards ... John
Hi Rachael
Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping with weight loss. Of course you will need to reduce your calorific intake and/or increase the amount of energy you expend on a regular basis in order to lose weight, but hypnotherapy helps build the resolve to do this and at the same time can help you address the underlying reasons why you are overeating.
Some people eat for comfort or to overcome boredom and others have a lack of planning and organisation which means they get into a cycle of eating fast food.
By addressing these underlying problems, successfyul weight loss becomes achievable, plus by resolving these sorts of problems it's possible to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and instead start eating healthily.
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My name is Georgia Walby, and I specialise in weight loss hypnotherapy.
Best Wishes,
Hypnotherapy can definitely help you to lose weight. The way I use the technique with the people I have helped to lose weight is to change the thought processes around food. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop seeing certain foods as a reward or a consolation prize. It can remove the emotional attachment or association with food so you can enjoy its taste and texture and how it relieves hunger without thinking that it will solve any of your problems in life.
I also use hypnotherapy to back up the body's natural processes. I help the people I see to realise when they reach the point of being nicely full and to realise that if they stop at this point they will feel a lot better and are less likely to put on weight because they are eating the amount of food that is healthy for them rather than continuing eating just because it is on the plate and then feeling sick or stuffed.
If you have any further questions please check out my website page on weight loss or drop me a line.