If I get lash extensions just once, will my lashes be more sparse when they are removed/fall out?

I want to give lash extensions a try, but I have very short lashes, and I don't want them to be very sparse too. Also, does repeated use of extensions ever have a long-term affect on how thick your lashes are?
Asked by ShaathVader

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You must make sure your techincian is fully qualified and fully insured and you must have a patch test before you have a full set of lashes applied. This will make sur that you dont have an alergic reaction to the medical grade glue that is used. Lash extentions are a fabulous way to enhance your eyes and that fact that your lashes are short will not make a difference only in that you might not be able to wear super long extentions as your own eyelash will not be able to manage the weight. As a lash extention therapist you can only work with the lashes the client has but all of the clients I have treated are super happy. Repeated use of extentions does not have a detrimental effect on your lashes as long as you follow your therapist after care advice. The lashes or the glue will not have any long term effects on your lashes if you have the treatment with a reputable therapist. I work in Loughton and would be more than happy to provide you with any further advise or to book a patch test.
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No, you should not have any problems if you were to have lashes applied (professionally) just once. Especially, if you allow the lashes to come off naturally and not try to remove them yourself, as they begin to shed.
Should you decide to continue wearing them after your initial set, there should be no adverse affects to your natural lashes with proper care and maintenance.
I have heard they cause sparseness but it definitely wouldnt be permanent as your lashes naturally replenish / regrow themselves.
Hiya, the lash technician shoufl give you a consultation first, and after assesing your lashes will know the best lashes to apply. If your lashes are short and maybe not as strong as some, they will not be a ble to support extremely long or thick lashes, thinner lashes of a medium length will probably be best, it will still look great, and if you have naturaly shorter lashes you will love them.
Aftercare will be explained to you, what not to so after aplication, what products not to use, ie any oil based products as this breaks down the bond, and to keep the look up you will have to revisit your technician every 2/3 weeks for infills/top ups, just to fill in the areas that lashes have been shed naturally, and new lashes are applied to fill any gaps.
If the correct lashes are applied, and you look after them, they will not harm your lashes at all, or cause them to grow in weaker, or more sparcely, i would do a bit of research to find someone that has a good reputation, or has pictures on her website or at the salon that she can show you, be warned they are addictive he he xx hth
No not at all, as long as you dont pull them out. Natural lashes replenish themselves on a 45-90 day cycle, so when one falls out there is another one already growing just behind/below it.