is it true that acupuncture can help in losing weight?

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Hello Wajeeha,
Acupuncture can be of help in loosing weight in many different ways. Though your acupuncturist would need to ask you several questions about your general health and discover the cause of your over weight. Is it because your system doen't process the food you eat well,? Is it because you eat more calories than you use? Do you crave food and comfort eat, or has your metabolism slowed, so you eat very little but still gain weight? And, of course - I can't see you - do you really need to loose weight.
Individual diagnosis is necessary as would be a healthy eating and exercise programme. Acupuncture can help reinforce the will power, as well as bring more energy into your system for the Stomach and Spleen Functions to work optimally for you - and generally cravings, be they for food or other substances can subside with acupuncture, as individuals feel generally more balanced and enjoy greater feelings of wellbeing.
Hope this helps.


Brilliant advice. It's interesting that just today one of my contacts shared this article about food cravings: apparently it's all in the mind! Good luck with your weight loss
thank you so much! your detailed response has been very helpful! i will try to pop up a picture but i am terrible at such things . I definitely do need to loose the weight and tone up. I am actually in the middle of a weight loss programme that my own products (Aloe Vera) are made up of and its going great but its always good to know of additional knowledge.
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Excellent answer Julia