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Question: hi can anyone recomend a really good sun cream with a high spf plus high uva rating i'm 42

Asked by mazzy13

10 answers

i'm 42 and aging fast, i've also noticed fine lip lines i'm an ex smoker. can we take collagen so skin will not loose anymore elasticity? also want sunscreen to have as less chemicals as possible??

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There are lots of good ones out there on the market. Always get at least 30 spf though. Boots own brand often wins high scores in magazines. Have you though about RF treatments. This painlessly produces elastin and collagen immediately and lasts until you naturally lose it again. Some people have 6 treatments and dont come back for 6 months. Check it out on my web site Its called Mabel Plus. Im in Bromley in Kent but there are salons all over the country with it now.


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thanks for replying , i used to buy a brill cream from boots soltan range i searched in nearly every boots in london in the summer to no avail it was the soltan one for the face spf 30 but for sensitive skin, finally someone from boots done a computer check they have discontinued this one. mabel plus sounds good i might have to take a trip to bromley when i save some money, let me know when ever you have promotions on, thanks again


daniel 777 why did you post that link?

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Abate Beauty & Spa Sanctuary est. since 1990 email
tel 01268 763912 based in Runwell, Wickford, Essex. SS11

Have you thought about dermal facial fillers, such as Restylane? This product works very well in the area you are discussing. It is injected into the vermillion border (lip line) and by doing so will immediately plump up the lips giving volume with an appearance of more fuller lips. It is a safe and tested product and has been used by millions around the world for several years.

With regard to sunscreens there are plenty on the market at our MediSpa we use high factor sun screens that have spf 50% and spf 90% for those people who are having lightening treatments, we do also have spf20% as well as spf 35% all are very safe and effective in inhibiting the damaging suns rays.

We are based in Runwell, Wickford, Essex. SS11.


Abate MediSpa


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thanks but not interested in fillers i will check out your site


In our clinic one of the ranges that we work with is "Dr Belter" products, they are 100% organic and have no chemicals in their formulars. Most of the anti-aging products in the range contain SPF and designed to protect your skin against the UV. Our customers love it - this is for the maintenance though. If you want to sort out the existing aging problems - wrinkles, sun-damage (pigmentation), acne, big pores, oily nasal triangle and dry cheeks, we would recommend and Obagi Nu-Derm course. More info is available on our website Best, Body Silk Clinic


Our doctor recommends that you have a very fine, pure dermal filler (Juvederm is ideal) injected into the area where you have vertical lines, this doesn't not necessary have to impact on the lips. Results are instant and will last for about a year. We can supply sunscreen products from SPF 50 to SPF 90. We have a fantastic compact make up which has a built in SPF of 50 which our patients absolutely love. A course of Easy Phytic treatments (a very gentle chemical peel) will give you a noticeable tightening effect from the first treatment.



I love the Clarins suncare range, the factor 30 for the Face is brilliant. Clarins is mainly plant based so give them a try. Failing that Dermalogica is also very good.


You will probably recieve numerous responses with suggestions of various skin care lines. Some expensive, others not. However, one of the best, in fact, the #1 dermatologist recommended suncreen on the market, is Neutrogena. I buy it at the local drug stores and sell it to my clients at the same cost. I am not trying to make any additional money, I strongly believe in protecting the skin. SPF ranges from 15, 30, 55, 70, 85, 110. It also comes in sheer.

Something else that you may want to become aware of and to consider when purchasing a sunscreen is whether it is a chemical sunscreen or physical sunscreen. I suggest that you find a sunscreen with both.


forver living aloe sunscreen, spf 30,the natural anti ageing of the aloe helps with fine lines and is very natural, absorbs immediatly is non sticky and makes skin feel really soft i use it as my day cream. i am also in my 40s an ex smoker and wish for good inexpensive products.
these products carnt be bought in shops i am an agent for the company i bit like the avon lady.
check it out you have nothing to me for info

all the best helen


Yes i recomend Decleor sunscreen. It is fantastic, i have worked with Decleor for years and it agrees with everyone i have worked on.
It is a lot of moisture in too so is not drying on the skin at all.


I would highly recommend Avene ) you can get it in my clinic or from good chemists.
The Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+ is specially formulated without chemical filters, is fragrance and paraben free. For sensitive skin; skin intolerant to chemical filters and fragrance. The Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+ covers a broad spectrum UV protection using a combination of exclusive ingredients, from Pierre Fabre Research: a complex of mineral filters, stable and effective for extended periods.


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thank you i like avene products as i have high colouring too, can you buy them in england the sun creams


I had a look and it looks like a good shout, as you need to look for a sunscreen that protects against UVB rays, not just UVA, and this does both which is good (boots suncare range only protects against UVA).


we use heliocare at our clinic. Available on line. very effective f 30/50 and 90 and some of them come with a tint. check out aestheticare website

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thank you i will look into them


I am using Sunright Body Block SPF 30 during the summer holiday.
Provides 30 times your natural protection against sunburn.
Broad spectrum protection screens out the skin aging effects of UVA/UVB/Infrared rays.
Supplements the skin's collagen and elastin support structures, which are responsible for providing tone and elasticity to the skin.
Very water-resistant formula allows 80 minutes of uninterrupted water play without having to reapply.
Light formula rubs in quickly and easily.
Virtually non-greasy and colorless on the skin-no whitening effect.
Safety-Allergy-Dermatologist Tested.

Also everyday I use for my face Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion SPF 15
A high-performance lotion that hydrates, protects, and promotes vibrant, healthy-looking skin all day, every day. Moisture Restor Day Protective Lotion contains unique colorless carotenoids from the waters of Israel that enhance the skin's natural resistance to the environment. (Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants found in tomatoes and carrots. Until now, their intense color made them impractical for use in skin care products.) Added UVA/UVB protection helps fight against premature aging caused by the sun.

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