Is the any treatments or productsi could use for Psoriasis, its on my arms...

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Hi Rachael
I suffer from eczema, which is somewhat similar.
I have found that (unfortunately) cortisone creams tend to the the quick fix if the problem is quite serious (broken skin, bleeding) but the downside is that in the long term it thins the skin so it becomes weaker.
When I'm not in crisis mode I use a cream you can get from a hearbalist or pharmacist called Allergenics, it contains natural ingredients (don't worry, I am not recommending it because I earn a commission on sales! It's because it works for me).
However, in terms of what worked BEST in the past has been a trip to Budapest: the mineral-rich water in Budapest has some incredible healing properties. I went to the Gellert Spa in 2007 and it cleared my skin completely, both in terms of breakouts on my face and the eczema on my hands.
I have reviewed the spa on Wahanda so you can get an idea. I would say a trip to a natural spa or using some mineral-rich salt in your bath water can help. Failing that, try putting some oats in a muslin bag in your bath water, use it as a calming treatment and a local application to your arms.
I hope your psoriasis gives you peace. Try and contact the charity Eczema Support for more advice as well.
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Triamcinolone, a topical steroid is a great product that's easy to get a prescription for. I'd try that before trying more cosmetic products, which are often chock full of fragrances or other harsh chemicals which will make it worse.
Hi Rachael,
Paola is right about avoiding cortisone (steroid based) creams if you can, they are a quick fix that can leave long term problems/damage. I would also second her advice re: Eczema Support. I converse with them regularly on Twitter and they are very supportive.
I suffer with Psoriasis on my scalp (when I'm stressted) and eczema on my body (since a baby) and I have been amazed at the results Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis have had. I also have a friend who has recovered from severe contact dermatitis using these products.
I would also recommend that you take a look at the products you are currently using to shower with and make sure you are using a non-bio washing detergent. Avoid using fabric conditioner until you have got the problem under control.
Best of luck,
Skype with me (tonimhunter) if you want to talk / moan / share experiences, I'm always around for a girly chat!
Why not help out and give your answer to the question?i have been looking for ages for theanswer to what to use on my arms for products to help excemaand wahanda has the answer so i am delighted
This is an answer if you looking for natural solution for your Psoriasis:
Effective natural relief for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, arthritis - EU/FDA Safety approved - healing blue clay from the Siberain "Dead Sea" - New & Unique.Rapan Blue Cambrian clay is extracted from an ancient Siberian salt lake. In Russia it is successfully used to treat various skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis), arthritis, muscular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, gynaecological problems, and in the beauty industry.It is similar to Dead Sea and marine clays, due to close similarities in chemical structure and action on the body. In fact, it has a much higher content of antioxidants and other biologically active substances, which is claimed by a scientific research in Russia to increase its therapeutic effects up to 20 times. Rapan clays are unique in their structure and action due to the added minerals which come from their saline base.Most Blue clays - and they are a rare and highly valued substance by themselves - are derived from non-saline sources. Rapan Blue clay which adds to the unique nature of Rapan Blue Clay.Russian doctors prefer to use Rapan Blue clay when treating children, the elderly and patients weakened by illness, since it has a milder action on the body than Rapan Mud and Yellow Clay. It can be safely used both by professionals and at home.Product benefits:- Increases blood circulation and lymph drainage- Contains a high level of vitamins, minerals, hormones, antibiotics, analgesics, organic acids and biostimulators.- Provides supply of essential minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants through the skin due to its well-known ability to absorb substances.- Anti-inflammatory action - it is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, muscular problems, acne, other inflammatory conditions.- Detoxifying effect: Draws impurities out of the body.- Boosts the immune system.- Speeds up body metabolism.- Increased removal of toxic waste and reduction in the cellulite appearance.- Removes excessive water from the body reducing puffiness.- Promotes weight loss due to the effects listed above.- Increases energy.- Reduces fatigue.- Relaxes the body and mind.- Increases the sense of well-being.- Improves the skin appearance and texture, bringing in colour, smoothness, reducing wrinkles and increasing moisture.- Promotes removal of oils and impurities from the skin, clearing out pores.Applications:Baths, compresses, poultces, body wraps, face masks, gargles, in spas and at home
For more details please visit our clinic.
Good luck!


Rapan Salt is very well-known in Russia, and is gaining popularity here. It is harvested from an ecologically clean Lake Ostrovnoye in Western Siberia, near Novosibirsk.
The original raw material, brine (or "rapah" in Russian) has a very large number of microelements diluted in the lake, with practically no harmful bacteria. Natural antiseptic properties of the water and mud represent a natural health enhancing complex.
The salt is collected in the most natural conditions. In autumn, October-November, when the temperature of the lake goes down, the surface of the lake becomes smaller, which means, that the concentration of salt in the lake rises. Natural crystallisation and sedimentation of naturally clean large salt crystals occurs. Immediately, Rapan salt is harvested in lots, with a selection of tests conducted for each lot.
Rapan salt is very similar in its structure and mineral content to the Dead Sea salt. On some parameters, e.g. anti-oxidant levels, it exceeds the Dead Sea products up to 5 times.
I has a large number of micro- and macro-elements, vitamins, hormones and other useful substances which are being utilised by the Siberian resorts for the treatment of a variety of conditions, such as skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers), disorders of the musculo-skeletal system (arthritis, rheumatism, muscle problems, spinal disorders), chronic disorders of the genito-urinary, digestive, nervous, endocrine systems, etc.
Rapan salt has a wet, hydrated appearance. This has its meaning and purpose. The water in the salt is called "crystallohydrate" which is the product of the binding of water by inorganic substances in the cold conditions of Siberia. The water in this 'bound' state plays a very important role as far as therapeutic properties of the salt are concerned, and here is why:
It acts as a moisturiser for skin cells
It stimulates skin cell growth and regeneration
It promotes regeneration of skin collagen
The water in the crystals is 'living' water, since it forms the basis of life of the peptides in the salt.
The therapeutic properties of peptides in Rapan result in pain relief, stimulation of antioxidant and adaptogenic regulatory systems, and general cell regeneration (anti-ageing properties).
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