Would one emergency waxing inbetween sessions really thincken the hair normally treated by laser?

I'm attending an important wedding in three days and have no way to go to my regular place for an Alexandrite laser session, which I've received 5 of so far. It's not looking too bad but still not as I want it to be. If I waxed an area once, would it ruin the work that's been done on it? I don't want to bleach or shave as it is the face and I'm afraid of thick regrowth. Any suggestions?
Asked by Burce

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Don't worry - get the waxing done, it will not thicken the hair. What it does do is disturbs the natural growth cycle of the hairs so you may need to delay your next laser session. Alternatively use a depilitory cream or trim, both are fine.
Enjoy the wedding
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Hi there, good question! Its a commonly held belief that waxing will thicken the hair, but there is nothing to suggest this will actually happen. Go ahead and wax - then carry on with your laser as normal! Enjoy the wedding!! Tracey x
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