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Question: A client asked me if there is any risk to the lymph nodes when using IPL

Asked by PaolaEnergya

2 answers

One of my massage clients who is having IPL told me she refuses to have laser on armpits and bikini for concerns of potential damage to the lymph nodes. I believe IPL is totally safe. What are your thoughts?

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

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There is no problem with IPL treatments reaching the depth of lymph nodes - so it is perfectly safe for your client. The light only penetrates to the depth of the hair that it is treating - in the case of underarms about 4mm. The lymph glands are at least 1cm below. Also the light will only go where there is pigment - no pigment in the glands. Hope this helps.


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Very helpful indeed, thank you Jenny

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I developed swollen lymph nodes in my neck after IPL treatment! Very large, very painful

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