Whats the best semi permanant eyelashes out there at the moment, im interested in training in them?

Asked by DNAILS

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hi, lash fx is the best. they have the best glue on th market and the kits are gret value for money.
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Do you do the courses for the lashes?xx
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Hi there,
Check Bambi Xtra Eyelash Extensions (mink lashes) AMAZING!!! realy gorgeous and thick and you can choose the length. Everyone loves the look of a more fuller effect, there's no point having lashes that dont make a difference!
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Hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!
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Having used Shavashana, Nova, 3-D and a few other generic brands, I prefer the Xtreme semi-permanent eyelash extension system. Besides the training and expertise of the Lash Specialist, the glue quality is essential in a successful lash extension business. Again, I feel that the Xtreme lash glues and support products, to be the best by far!
Hi The best lashes in the Indusrty are Xtreme Lashes. Please see http://www.xtremelashes.com to see the reviews and the famous celebrities that wear the brand in the USA. Being the leading brand in the UK, stylists can charge between £120 -£200 per set. If you would like to know more about training in your area please visit my website http://www.extemeeyes.biz and you can call me on 07769 267587.
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