will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive??

I had it done about 6 years ago, it was very painfull afterwards, and i didnt even notice a difference. I feel like there darker than they ever used to be now but am worried about the sensitivity afterwards it really put me off!
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It is normal to have some sort of sensitivity around 12 hours afterwards in most cases. Your teeth will go to your natural white colour, never beyond that.. If done properly you should notice a difference . Regarding sensitivity there are things you can do before and after a treatment such as taking nurocen and use a sensodyne toothpaste.
We also like to use a desentisising gel afterwards. That also helps with sensitivity issues.
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You should check for products which are hydrogen peroxide free. I can recommend Stella white strips ;)
You should check for products which are hydrogen peroxide free. I can recommend Stella white strips ;)
Yes with whitening the teeth become sensitive to hot and cold but you can control that with MI PASTE PLUS or FLuoridex tooth paste
You can buy any strength gel nite white 10 percent 10% is the weakest and you buy the do it yourself bleach trays from them at http://www.crestwhitestripsnow.co.uk and comes with full instructions for you to do all the whitening at home using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which is what dentist professionals use and charge 4 times more! http://www.crestwhitestripsnow.co.uk does free shipping and they also carry a full line of crest products, toothpastes, zoom whitening , pola night and pola day products, cheapest online source you will find with the top whitening gels and best tooth whitening products made and used by the top dentist
It is not uncommon to experience tooth sensitivity and / or gum irritation whilst whitening your teeth. This is temporary and not harmful. Whitening treatments that use stronger whitening gel are more likely to lead to sensitivity. Also, if you have receding gums then you are more likely to experience tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity from whitening is temporary and will subside. You can use sensitive toothpastes to minimize the sensitivity or you can use a desensitizing gel.
Whitening treatments that are carried out in one sitting use higher strength whitening gel and therefore lead to higher rates of sensitivity. You may prefer to use dentist supplied teeth whitening strips because they use normal strength whitening gel and the optimum amount of whitening gel is already applied to the strips so you don't need to worry about too much gel being applied (which is a common reason for sensitivity as well).
All I can say is go the natural way... avoid drinking colourful drinks ( red wine! ) and if you have to use a straw, it might look silly but keeping your teeth naturally white is a plus!
Hi Rachael, its perfectly normal when having your teeth whitened to experience a little sensitivity, this is however only temporary and in most cases extremely mild. I recommend you only speak to a qualified dentist when considering having your teeth whitened, then you can be assured that the opinion you are getting is based on proven professional experience, and your smile in the best possible hands. See our teeth whitening in action at http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel
Here at Features we would recommend home whitening as you are in controll of the whitening . Yes you can have some sensitivity afterwards , we recommend that if this is the case after cleaning your teeth and the whitening trays that you use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth in the tray leaving it in place for another 10 to 15 mins . we have had some great results with our whitening system please take a look at our website http://www.featuresinc.co.uk . it shows the results you can achive. please feel free to ring and chat.