How early can I work with a personal trainer?

I'm usually far too tired to exercise after work & I've heard exercise first thing is better for you. How early in the morning can sessions start?
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Recent scientific research has pointed to the fact that it is much safer and more effective to work out in the afternoon as opposed to the morning...there are more risks associated with early morning workouts such as heart attacks, it is much harder to get the blood pumping early............however you may well be a lark & early mornings will work for you - but go for an easy cardio workout early and if you can sort your time management then get in a heavier circuit style workout in later...such as bootcamp style. Most Olympic events are in the afternoon/early evening :0)
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How early a person can train depends entirely on the individual. Some people are morning exercisers, some are evening and some are afternoon depending on their energy levels during the day, the time they have available and most importantly their mentality to have that workout. Its down to your own preference to what time of the day you wish to workout.
With regards to you feeing too tired to workout after work, I believe that could be changed through your diet. I suggest to get yourself a trainer and they will help you tailor up an excellent diet plan that will keep your energy levels up throughout the day so when you finish work you won't feel exhausted to fit in an hour or so of good exercise.
Hi. so sorry this has taken so long to answer... ok "step in da groove n move". The thing is to have a realistic goal,it may be to get yourself earlier to bed so you can re charge your system,(what is your trade?) or finding a gym with a friend as this will give you a bit more motivation.. I used to get up at 5.30 in morning to do 5-6 miles/or short sprints!, this is not the training i would recomend to you,as i was a professional boxer so this was a must, then break fast , work and later back to gym for the real work. ...How early?? ...this depends on your goals ..time scale, as long as you get apropriate rest and what trainging involves,then 6-7am is good. but since i dont know you please come back and challenge my wisdom.. god bless hope i have helped.."soom come..step in da grooven move".Bobbi-joe.
This is an individual thing based on many factors such as daily schedule, individual body rhythms, environment etc. I tend to begin training session from 7am, but the thing is too find what works for you. Early morning the body is often not fuled up for maximum intensity session, but some evidence supports fat burning at this time. Also it generaly takes a while for the bodies nervous and energy systems to get up to speed and allow for optimal performance. Flexibility can be reduced in the initial period after waking and if an early start means limited sleep this can have a negative impact.
At the end of the working day fatigue is common but does not necessarily impair exercise ability. often mental fatigue from a working day is felt as physical tiredness, but an exercise session can eleviate the stress and mental fatigue and promote physical wellbeing. Even physical tiredness, which is specific to the working day can be combated by well constructed exercise.
If your schedule is such that early morning is a time you must train, then obviously undertaking exercise at this time is better than doing none. A good personal trainer can construct an appropriate training plan for you and optimise results whatever the time of day.
Ok training too early can be detremental to your results. The body repairs Physical from 10.30pm to 2 am and then Psychologically from 2 am until 6am. So if you train any earlier from this the body is not at its optimal strength. Cortisol levels are highest in the morning unless you are suffering for adrenal fatique as so the morning is the best time for you to train. The body needs exercise ,rest and good food all in equal amounts to see results. If you neglect one part of this cycle then the body will suffer. Too many people exercise too much and still don' tsee results. Train with Move three Sixty for optimum health and results!
Everyone is different when it comes to working hours, when they feel better and more energetic and so on, so you will obviously find plenty of people that have the same preference as yourself. Likewise I think you will find plenty of personal trainers that are willing to work at anytime to suit the client and their own schedule. I personally have worked with clients from 6am all the way through to 11pm and would work earlier and later than that if someone requested it.
You can start as early as you can get someone there to train you. Everyone has different body rhythms & times can be based on that. Early morning does run the risk of not being warmed up enough and therefor staining something. Often when you feel tired after work, it will go away once you start your training session. You may need to adjust your eating schedule to your training times.....not too close but not so far away from eating that you are hungry. A good session should leave you feeling spent but energized, in your body and balanced.
Ok, so the body needs to rest and repair. From 10.30pm until 2am you repair physically and from 2am until 6am you repair psychologically. At 6am your stress hormones will be at your peak unless you have Adrenal fatigue and so you should wake up feed your body with water and food and then get to the gym. So a workout starting at 7am would be ideal. If you start any earlier then you are not training at your optimum as your body is under stress that it doesn't need. If your goal is to get strong, lean, fit or shed fat then you need to listen to your body and make rest the same impoetance as exercise. Then you will see resuts.
It really is up to the individual as to when they train, however if its extremely early in the morning ensure you have had a very small amount of carbohydrates as you will need some fuel for the exercise. Also make sure you warm up all muscles and joints that you are working on, and have a good pre and post workout stretch. That way you will lessen any chance of strain or injury.
Hi Some personal trainers start very early. Their first session might be a s early as 5am.
I would recommend that the earliest you should train would be 7am
I take clients from around 7a.m. in the morning and find that it entirely depends on the client and how they feel. Much of the research about exercise and physical performance in relation to the timing of your workouts would suggest that training around 4-6p.m. in the afternoon is more beneficial. You have been moving around for much of the day and therefore the muscles are warm, and it's easier to get the most from your workout.
Personally speaking I would have to say that as long as you adequately fuel and hydrate your body prior to training, you should be able to train at any time and still get great results.
Most trainers know that some people need to fit in their sessions early so you should find flexibility of choice. I wouldn't necessarily agree that exercising first thing is better - people have to be more careful of their backs and physiologically peope seem to hit a peak 8 - 12 hrs after waking.
My personal experience is that when we often feel tired at the end of a work day, we often have far more energy for exercise than we realise. Maybe try both and do what works best for you
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