what is a Brazilian Toe Massage?

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I have had this technique done to me a couple of times now, after hearing about it on my maternity reflexology course. I was amazed with it!! It was performed towards the end of the treatment which was for 1 hour, i was in very floaty stated during it and in a deep sleep all at the same time. Not a feeling i have had in the 10 years i have been recieving reflexlogy. After the treatment for a couple of days i had a very clear mind and focus. Will keep having it and am now incorporate it into my treatments.
This pressure point massage modality is said to be great for relaxation, for reduction of aches and pains, and is highly recommended for those with insomnia. Brazilian toe massage is said to affect the energy channels or meridians in the body, which affect body organs. Six of these energy channels that connect to the body's organs end in the toes:
Big or 1st great toe - spleen and liver
2nd toe - stomach
3rd or middle toe - bladder
4th toe - gall bladder
5th or baby toe - kidney
In this massage the tip of each toe is held lightly for three minutes. This rule is violated only if the toe(s) jerks involuntarily. This jerking is said to be a message from the organ that enough energy has been received. If too much energy is received, the patient will become uncomfortable. When the toe(s) jerk, the next toe is immediately treated.
The toe massage begins with the client supine, eyes closed and palms facing upward. The massage therapist begins by holding the tips of both middle toes with the middle fingers and thumbs. The thumb is on the bottom of the toe while the finger is on the top of the toenail. There should be no break in toe contact with movement between toes being done gently. After the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 2nd toes are done, it's time for the big toe.
The big toe is treated a little differently. When doing the big toe, it is held by the first two fingers and the thumb since there are two energy channels that end in that toe. This toe is held with the thumb beneath the toe and the 2nd and 3rd fingers holding each side of the base of the nail.
Surprisingly this seemingly simple massage induces a deep state of relaxation. Practitioners believe they are manipulating the energy in the body to restore balance.


Thank you for your reply. Very informative! I think I am definitely going to try this out as I am in need of deep relaxation.
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It is basically a Reflexology pressure massage but only to the toes. Have a look here for more info http://www.reflexologyworld.com/brazilian_toe.htm.