Has anyone been asked to comply with planning regs for massage treatments working from home.

I have received a letter from my local planning department requesting I advise of how long I have been operating from home, how many clients I have per week and per day and the measurements of the room I use. As I may have to apply for planning. Has any other person has this request from the local councils
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Are you aware that some councils will charge you business rates on council tax (if you work from home) and that if you own your home you will then be stung for capital gains tax if & when you sell it?
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Hi Moyra, I also work from home but have not been asked anything from my Local Council. I guess they want to size up how big your business is and whether you have a special room for your treatments or adapt a room you already have. Take care Jen
Hi Moyra, I can only state that in the first instance I wrote to my local council asking for permission to operate from home and they granted me permission, they do ask how many people etc I think mainly because of traffic and parking problems that may occur. Hope this is of help.


Hi Carolanne, Thanks for this, It never even occured to me to contact the local council, mainly because I domobile therapy.
If the council suspect you are using your home for your business, they will ask you to make arrangements for this. You will need to register your home for doing business which you may have to pay some money for but it won't be much.
I think this is only if you do a certain amount of hours though, i'm not sure.
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