Can or do personal trainers offer deals , even in the recession??

Im new to the fitness sector a newbie ... With personel trainers can you get good deals? and how many days you need to train or exercise ?
i looked for trainers but they all seem to want BIG bucks lol 25-50 per hour , and being in this recession were funds are tight for everyone , has anyone got any ideas ???
Asked by mokhan

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"step in da groove n move".. Of course that`s the deal, as a professional we have to be aware that to be good and sucessful..!" come`s at a price!! so if

where am at then a deal could be worked out, recession or not!!!.. i would say 2-3 times a week, 1-2 with me once on your own, has home work or with company! Hope this has helped. soom come.
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There are good deals out there but if your paying less than 25 per hour your generally going to get what you pay for. If that is too expensive a good option is to find a group training class or bootcamp where you can pay as you go. You will find that you pay much less but you also get the same expertise and motivation. The only negative is that you won't be able to get the instructor to continually observe you throughout each exercise to make sure form is correct. However in my experience of doing group training, as long as you give a thorough explanation at the start your ok because you have clients that are regulars and know what they are doing. You can then concentrate a bit more on the new clients as they start.
Another option is to find a friend that is interested and having a private class with just the two of you. Most personal trainers would do a deal on that and it would work out cheaper and you would still get a high quality service.
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